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Dear reader(s) –

Sorry about the lack of recent updates! I wear several hats (which is literally not a bad idea, living in Chicago), although I shouldn’t make excuses. Here’s hoping I get back on track with the posts.

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After college, I joined a small management consulting firm right as it started to grow into a bigger and different firm. The work, the culture, the benefits, and eventually the ownership, had all changed by the time I left two and a half years later. Managing these moving pieces was probably not easy; a partner there once  compared it to driving a car while it was being built, or building a car while it was being driven, I can no longer remember. The point is, growing a company is hard. A corollary is, when you first start a company, all you have is growth.

"Growing Pains," or "成长的烦恼," as I knew it in China

Ben Pieratt, the 28-year-old CEO of social shopping startup Svpply, knows this, as one can see in his recent blog post titled “My Job Pt.1 — I have no idea what I’m doing“:

[…] I have zero experience or expertise in building a company. I’ve never worked at a web or product startup, I’ve never worked in a healthy team environment[…]

So I’m learning on the fly.

Things I don’t know how to do that I have to learn soon or Svpply will fail:

– How to find and recruit talent
– Recruiting the appropriate kind of talent
– Managing people and keeping them fulfilled in their work
– How to develop and design a work schedule
– How to communicate a vision

Read Ben’s full post in the link above. It provides honest, sincere, and relatable lessons for other entrepreneurs like myself. I learned a lot from it and hope you all can, too. (HT Kottke)